Ian Fleming – Born May 28, 1908

I have one James Bond story to relate to you; many years ago when I was working at John Lord’s Books in Stouffville we had John Gardner for a signing.  John Gardner wrote fourteen original James Bond stories plus two film adaptations.  I was standing behind John at the cash register when a customer asked if I had read his new book Death is Forever.  I told the customer I had and he asked my opinion of the new book to which I replied predictable.  At that moment I could see John’s hand slow down as he was signing his new book for the customer in front of him.  The next question from the customer was, how so?  I told him that as soon as James Bond told his female counterpart in the story that he loved her I knew that within two or three pages she would die,  John laughed.

Ian Fleming wrote eleven James Bond novels and two story collections:

Let us not forget this: